Wednesday, October 20, 2004

West Coast Bloggers Are Throwin' Down

pitchers of domestic beer, most likely. San Francisco Bay Area bloggers -- and their groupies -- will be gathering to plot their revenge against those limelight-hogging, media-darling East Coast bloggers who don't know their 15 minutes of fame are up. Your congenial hosts will be Scaramouche and Pete M. of Dark Window, who says:

So come join me, our legendary co-host Scaramouche, and several other celebrity Bay Area bloggers (TBA) and readers next Wednesday, October 27th.

We'll be meeting at 6:00 PM at Ben & Nick's Bar & Grill in Oakland's Rockridge district and hang around until we get sick of each other (or get kicked out - we are, after all, Puppeteers in Satan's Army). The bar is located at 5612 College Avenue - just a half block from the Rockridge BART station and only a couple of short blocks from Freeway exits (Hwy 24).

It's also within blocks of a 24-hour Albertson's, Zachary's Pizza, and a 51 bus stop. And only a couple of miles from the fabulous Grand Lake Theater marquee.

Why not attend? It's not like any of the presidential candidates are going to show up in California.

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