Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pornographers For Bush/Cheney

It's a few days old, but this story from the Los Angeles Times might explain how Sinclair Broadcasting CEO John-David Smith got his interest in prostitutes, and how he got that Mercedes he approached them in.

Long before the company began its march toward its current media empire, David Smith in the mid-1970s was a partner in a company called Cine Processors, according to public records and an interview with one of his former partners.

David E. Williams, a co-partner in the business with Smith, said the Baltimore company turned out hundreds of copies of 8mm pornographic films at a property which was owned at the time, records show, by the Commercial Radio Institute, the company founded and headed by Smith's father, Julian.

Williams -- who eventually had a falling out with Smith over expenses, and money Williams says he was owed for medical bills stemming from an automobile accident while on company business -- said that Cine dealt exclusively in pornographic films. Repeated requests for comment from David Smith, now 54, went unanswered.

Mark Hyman: "No, no, no, we were never going to show Stolen Honor. It was Swollen Honor!"

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