Thursday, October 21, 2004

Grand Old Police Blotter: Illinois, Land Of Drinkin' Edition

The 51st Congressional District of the Illinois State Legislature is served by a drunken Puke:

Barred from driving for a year because of a drunken-driving conviction, state Rep. Edwin Sullivan Jr. (R-Mundelein) often hits the campaign trail these crisp fall days astride his mountain bike.

Sullivan had just left a party with a group of Illinois lawmakers and lobbyists attending an annual golf outing. He was held overnight in the Berrien County Jail after a breath test showed that his blood-alcohol level was twice the .08 legal limit, his arrest report showed.

Sullivan plans to apply for a restricted driving permit from the secretary of state's office soon.

But first he needs to complete 22 hours of alcohol-abuse counseling at the Lake County Traffic Court Building in Grayslake, he said.

How very Bush/Cheney of him. Better wear a helmet and some body armor on the campaign trial, Eddie -- the roads are full of Republicans.

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