Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fucker Carlson's Photoshop Fail

Fucker Carlson's Photoshop Fail

At the Daily Choler, Tucker Faye Carlson fiddles with a photo of George Zimmerman until a "laceration" is revealed, along with a glowing white aura surrounding both Zimmerman and a police officer. What Fucker thinks he has proven is that Zimmerman was injured during his attack on Trayvon Martin. What Fucker has actually proven is that Zimmerman and the police officer are ghosts, and thus appropriate sex partners for Matthew Boyle.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Your Right Wing Media

From a rightwing clownblog called Twitchy:

Recognize these two people? If you don’t, we’ll help you out. The man on the left is George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering the boy on the right, Trayvon Martin. The mainstream media won’t show you these two photos because they convey a message that no one else wants to take into consideration.

Correction, 8:56 pm ET March 25, 2012: We made a mistake. The photo on the right is not of the Trayvon Martin who was shot by Zimmerman. We apologize to our readers and to the Martin family.

No link to the slanderers.

It also should come as no surprise that the photograph used to slander Trayvon Martin depicts neither illegal activity nor violent activity. The message the clownblog wants the EMESSEM to convey is a simple one: Black-skinned teenagers deserve to die.

Story via ThinkProgress.

Dicky Dick-er

The good news is that former Vice President Dick Cheney successfully underwent heart transplant surgery on Saturday.

The bad news is that the donor was Andrew Breitbart.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bottom of the Barrel

Correction (3/22): When I read the Mediaite post, I read the quoted passage as referring to "I" (meaning the author, Tommy Christopher), and not "I.E." an individual Christopher was referring to. Although reference in Christopher's post could have been changed after my post was written, it is possible, and more likely, that I misread it. Thank you to John Borrego for pointing this out.

When last we saw Tommy Christopher, the clown who plays a liberal at Mediaite, he was exchanging e-mails about Anthony Weiner's dick with non-existent teens. Somehow this activity proved he was a better parent than Markos Molitsas, who wasn't exchanging e-mails about non-existent teens about Anthony Wiener's dick. Now, Tommy's found a way to make the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin all about Tommy:

If I had met up with George Zimmerman (and Zimmerman somehow managed to avoid having that 9mm shoved up his ass), how different would this story be? What if he was shot dead, and instead of holding Skittles, he was holding a couple of joints? No grieving parents, no angelic file photo, no gut-wrenching cries for help.

That's mighty white of Tommy, acknowledging the slim possibility that Zimmerman might "somehow" have avoided being sodomized by Tommy if he'd tried that shit on him. Zimmerman might have managed to murder a healthy and intelligent seventeen year old, but there's no way he could have taken a developmentally disabled, chain smoking lard ass blogger twice his age. Here on earth, it's much easier (but equally pointless) to imagine that Mediaite, if not the world, would be missing one subliterate blogger who defines tragedy as not being the center of attention.

Tommy also previews his material for the cable teevee guest shot which will never come. "To be outraged by the conduct of the Sanford Police, who took Zimmerman's claim of self-defense at face value, without even asking 'From what? Hollow-point Skittles? Full Metal Snapple?'" rim-shot! It's funny because a young man died holding snacks, says Tommy.

P.S. to Tommy: Those photographs of Martin were not "file photos" because Martin was not a public figure or a media whore or a blogging wanna-be media whore. They were family treasures kept by humans who cared for persons other than themselves.

Faux Bono

Breitbart's brain interviews Not-Paul David Hewson.

One of these days, James O'Queef and Mattera will have a conversation while each is pretending to be someone else and their video exposes will be posted on Big Coronary simultaneously.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Plus ca change

Andy Sully, submitted without comment:

Just to note that the new owner of The New Republic and its current editor are both openly gay men and that's so routine it barely merits a mention. Two decades ago, it was a very different world.

Andy Sully, submitted with a great deal of laughter:

Having Chris Hughes new media experience is a huge plus for the magazine - and, I hope, will sustain its continued excellence into a new century.

Roger's Screening Room: Game Change

I don't subscribe to HBO, but I happened to be in a hotel on Saturday night, and the client was passed out in the bathroom, so I tuned in to the film adaptation of the execrable Heilmann/Halperin book, Game Change. Given the hours of positive promotion that Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews had given to the film, I was certain the docudrama would suck harder than the A-Team movie which proceeded it.

I was not disappointed.

The film lost all credibility early on, when an scene of Steve Schmidt in a bucolic tree-filled park was labelled as taking place in "Sacramento." The filmmakers obviously have never been to Sacramento.

At least half the scenes were recreations of public events (or video clips thereof) and thus lacked the dramatic tension of a real-time reenactment of Super Bowl VIII. The scenes in which Julianne Moore chatted with stand-ins for the backs of the heads of Joe Biden, Katie Couric, et al. were the most riveting television since Patty and Cathy Lane dined alone. In contrast, the recreated private scenes were written by a team of libel lawyers who had never seen a film, play or real-life interaction between people.

Palin was portrayed as an idiot and an asshole, so HBO (like Heilprin) let her off easy. The rest of the Palins were non-entities, except for Track, who the movie claimed was serving in the vicinity of combat (is that true?) It was good to see Jamey Sheridan (who had to leave one of the Law and Order shows because he suffered from Bell's Palsy) in a featured role as Mark Salter, although he overplayed the role by depicting Salter as human. Wolf Blitzer was in the film for some unfathomable reason.

In the end, nothing was illuminated, no entertainment was had, and Howie Kurtz's pinchloaf criticisms of the film were without merit. Like everything Howie says.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Mickey Kaus' Version of Honesty

A bitter hack writes:

I would go so far as to say that Breitbart had an instinctive honesty -- pretty much the opposite of what Frum charges. I don't know the ins and outs of the Shirley Sherrod mess, in which Breitbart posted a video the end of which had been lopped off before he saw it. But I guarantee you Breitbart posted it because he felt it truthfully made a legit point (and he wasn’t aware what the rest of it would show).

It's telling that Kaus' proof of Dimbart's honesty is something Kaus admits he doesn't know much about. Yet Kaus is willing to "guarantee" Breitbart acted in good faith because ... well, Kaus doesn't say why ... so, using Breitbart/Kaus journalistic standards, we can speculate that Breitbart never stole Kaus' blow when he left it sitting on the nightstand.

It's even more telling that Kaus claims that Breitbart was honest because Breitbart felt he was making "a legit point," even though Breitbart knew he didn't have all the facts and did nothing to enlighten himself.

Those who, unlike Kaus, are interested in the truth about the "Shirley Sherrod mess" should read Ta-Nehisi Coates, who did bother to examine the facts of the matter.

Kaus also names "Wienergate" as Breitbart's "greatest triumph," and cites Breitbart's ass-covering when he thought he'd been fucked over by an anonymous source as an act of honesty. I guess when your biggest accomplishment in life is recalling a story about Arnold Schwarzenegger from your old copy of Oui magazine, you can't help but worship someone who was the recipient of a congressman's dick photos.

Friday, March 02, 2012

This, from the person who rendered articulate the lies of George W. Bush in service of the invasion of Iraq and the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children:
Many of our most important public figures have gained their influence and power by inciting and exploiting the ugliest of passions—by manipulating fears and prejudices—by serving up falsehoods as reported truth. In time these figures will one by one die. What are we to say of this cohort, this group, this generation? That their mothers loved them? That their families are bereaved? That their fans admired them and their employees treated generously by them? Public figures are inescapably judged by their public actions. When those public actions are poisonous, the obituary cannot be pleasant reading.
Yours certainly will not be, David. At least in one sense.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

And It All Comes Tumbling Down

As usual, TBogg says it best.

The real fun will be watching the parasites destroy each other trying to seize control of the empire. It will be the Game of Thrones played out in Toto Ltd.'s largest factory.

Koch Fight

Billionaires Charles and David Koch have filed a lawsuit against the Cato Institute, which Charles Koch founded in 1974, in a fight for control of the influential conservative think tank.

The complaint centers on the the handling of the shares of William A Niskanen, a former chairman of the Cato Institute, following his death October 26, 2011, The lawsuit also name Cato's president Edward Crane and a board member, according to court documents obtained by The Washington Post.

The Cato Institute, which was originally founded as The Charles Koch Foundation, was formed as a corporation with shareholders. It was re-named The Cato Institute in 1976.

Let the frivolous litigation begin! I suspect both sides will seek a change of venue to Montana.

In Memoriam

"Any man's death diminishes me" (1624-2012)

Rest in Peace.