Thursday, October 28, 2004

John Gorenfeld reveals that Bill Gertz, the Moonie Times reporter who wrote the bogus claim of Russian removal of the al QaQaa explosives, is a favorite of the maniacal Messiah, the Rev. S.M. Moon. Moon expresses his love for Gertz here:

America is the most powerful country in the world. But its powerful leaders listen to the Washington Times. A statement from the Times can affect them dramatically. The government of other nations also listen to the Washington Times. Who at the Washington Times is having the biggest impact? [Bill Gertz.] Bill Gertz. How old is he? He is young. He only graduated from high school, joined the Washington Times and became famous. If you are a high school teacher, you should raise such students. If you are a college professor, you should become the most famous one in history.

Now that even Rummy and the Pentagon are denying the Gertz/Shaw claim of Russian relocation of the missing munitions, It's clear that the Moonie Times is not a reliable source on the al QaQaa story. But then the Moonie rag has never been reliable on anything.

By the way, can we all acknowledge that anyone stupid enough to link to Drudge on a pro-Administration story is, like Drudge himself, wholly lacking in credibility. It's beyond comprehension why supposedly intelligent people -- professors, authors, attorneys, etc. -- are eager to trash their own reputations by endorsing the claims of a proven fraud.

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