Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Cheap And Tawdry Political Trick"

Was Lynne Cheney describing her own comments last night, or what she sees when she looks on the mirror?

You decide.

By the way, here's a cheap and tawdry political trick by Alan Simpson (R-WY):

CALLER: During the debate, Ms. Ifill posed a question about gay marriage to Vice President Cheney. He gave a standard campaign response, and then afterward, Mr. Edwards gave a good response about how the constitutional amendment against gay marriage isn't needed. But then when offered a rebuttal, Vice President Cheney just basically said, "Thank you for saying nice things about my family."

KING: Right.

CALLER: Isn't that basically saying that the Kerry-Edwards position is the right position?

KING: Well, David, that's an area where the vice president disagrees with the president, isn't it?

KING: Alan?

SIMPSON: I thought that was the most authentic thing on both of them. Because Kerry [sic] looked down and Mary was there, with Heather, her companion, a wonderful woman, Heather Poe. I know her. I've known Mary since she was eight. He looked down when he said that. He was very real. And Dick Cheney's response was very real. That was a very powerful moment on an issue which is so sensitive that none will ever know unless we have loved ones who are gay or lesbian in our family.

Alan Simpson is not a good man.

Cheney's priorities are clear: Bush first, family: not a priority.

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