Sunday, October 24, 2004

Moronic Equivalence

Joe Klein, bound by the sacred oath of punditry to find equivalence where none exists, compares Bush's egomanical, delusional and bloodstained victory lap to Senator Kerry's use of someone else's hunting gear -- in a phony call for seriousness, no less:

But two days after Paul Nitze died, the Massachusetts Senator, who once criticized Bush for prancing around in a flight suit on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln beneath a mission accomplished banner, could be found prancing about the backwoods of Ohio costumed as a hunter on a wild goose chase. Those two macho, flamboyantly phony images -- fighter jock and gooseslayer -- are the sad legacy of this election year.

Yeah, yeah. No one's more butch than you, Joe. But the appropriate parallel would be if Bush borrowed a cheerleader's outfit and held a pep rally at an eastern prep school.

If I want to read crap fiction about an election, I'll fork out $2.99 for a remaindered copy of the The Running Mate.

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