Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fun With Propositions

California's principal Voter Information Guide for 2004 is only 168 pages long. 62 pages of pro-con arguments on the propositions and reports from the Legislative Analyst on fiscal impact, and another 83 pages of small print, setting out the texts of the proposed laws to be enacted by the propositions. And there's a 24-page supplemental guide too.

The pro-con arguments are presented with plenty of persuasive CAPITIALIZATION, ITALICIZED CAPITALIZATION and both italicized and non-italicized EXCLAMATION POINTS! Plus: References to David Duke! A "No" endorsement by Bob Barr! A handy map of Tribal Casinos!

My favorite argument in support of a proposition: "We've never heard of this attorney who opposes Proposition 61. Have you?"

To relieve the burden, California also gets celebrity endorsements of many propositions on the teevee: Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie "Mrs. Hart" Powers, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve (before his death). So voters really don't need to read anything.

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