Saturday, October 09, 2004

Shouting Beats Pouting

According to the initial viewer polls, at least. Respondents deemed Bush less of a miserable failure in the second debate than in the first. Having heard (most of) both on the radio, I thought he did worse last night. I couldn't see the smirking and snarling in the first, but I assume Karl subdued that with some ECT or aversion therapy.

But Bush shouting "TELL TONY BLAIR WE'RE GOING IT ALONE!!," interupting Charlie Gibson, an amiable doofus loved by millions, etc. made Bush sound churlish and childish, and not just look that way. Leading a nation and making Charlie Gibson your bitch are two entirely different talents.

Josh Marshall is right, Bush's "my mistake was hiring fuck-ups" does not instill confidence. Though it was nice of Bush to spare Condi's feelings.

Favorite Bush line: "And I recognize I've made some decisions that have caused people to not understand the great values of our country." Amen.

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