Monday, October 18, 2004

The Father's Waterboy

John Gorenfeld has an interesting item on why John "A Mighty Fatass Is Our" Podhoretz parted ways with the Moonie Times, according to previously unpublished magazine article:

Podhoretz describes his decision to leave the Times as a "personal one which I will not discuss." However, some of his colleagues say that he was deeply troubled upon his return from an Alaskan fishing trip he took with Moon last August. Moon used the occasion, say sources, to expound on his "Zionist conspiracy theories" and what Podhoretz perceived to be undiluted anti-Semitism. Indeed, some of Moon's teachings contend that Jews have "suffered four thousand years of punishment for killing Christ."

It's surprisingly easy to conjure up an image of Poddy in the Alaskan wilderness, wearing his windbreaker, canvas hat and life jacket, sitting next to a riverside campfire as the Reverend Moon (through a translator) expounds up his theory of Jewish indemnity.

Cue Dueling Wanhams.

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