Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sherwood Be Nice To Have Some Credibility

In addition to penning a love letter to the Father of Lies, Reverend Moon (a tome put out by the disreputable Regnery) Carleton Sherwood has other possible skeltons in his career closet. In the Washington Post,
Frank Aherns and Howie Kurtz (of all people) recall Sherwood's dicey career:

Sherwood, the filmmaker, is also no stranger to controversy. He once worked for Washington's Channel 9, which in 1984 apologized for his four-part series questioning the finances of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and donated $50,000 to the fund. Sherwood has said he felt vilified by Kerry's antiwar comments and believes the candidate branded all Vietnam veterans as "war criminals."

Now why would a television station apologize and donate money to the target of a Sherwood investigation? Fifty K in 1980 dollars isn't Brent "Smackdown" Bozell money ($3.5 M to the WWE), but it's not chump change either. I hope the misdeeds didn't include placing veterans in a false light.

Chronologically, from local television to Moonie rag to Regnery sounds like a downward career spiral.

(Moon link courtesy mw.)

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