Thursday, October 21, 2004

Toothpick A with Tina Clown

After averring that Senator Kerry indulges in Clairol, Botox and other cosmetic enhancements, Tina Brown accuses unnamed Democrats of obsessing over trivialities:

At this precarious moment any distraction is a disaster for Kerry, even when it's Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment problems. Gleeful Democrats who could have been spending useful hours signing up disenfranchised minority youths to vote instead spent whole mornings poring over the Fox moralist's phone-sex fantasies.

.... What happens if the audiotape surfaces on the day of the election? Whole precincts of swing voters would stay home and play it.

It's a good thing Tina picked up the slack, "signing up" all the disenfranchised minority youths she knows in seconds, while politically-active Dems, lacking an Oxford education, struggle their way through the O'Reilly suit at a snail's pace, their lips twisting out each syllable and spittle cascading from their mouths.

Airheads are the definitive Washington Post columnists.

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