Wednesday, October 13, 2004


In an effort to increase what is generously called "content" at this site, I am recycling a comment I made at Eschaton concerning the statement by Sinclair Broadcasting spokeswhore Mark Hyman, who said that networks which did not conduct and air interviews of anti-Kerry former P.O.W.s "are acting like Holocaust deniers and pretending these people don't exist." My retort profound?

So has Sinclair (as opposed to the network(s) affiliated with its stations) ever broadcast a documentary featuring interviews with Holocaust survivors?

Has it ever ordered all of its stations to preempt regular programming to broadcast a documentary with interviews of Holocaust survivors?

If not, according to their own standards, Sinclair and Hyman are Holocaust deniers.

And can we call [Sinclair President and CEO] David Smith a low-cost ho survivor?

Coming soon: The Best of Roger's College Term Papers.

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