Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breach Babies

The University of Chicago wept:

Blodget: The contract is absolutely sacred and what I'm saying is that that's why the contract is there. It is to specify what happens if you do not pay. You're not ripping up the contract and saying I refuse to honor it. That's what it's there for, it specifies exactly what happens in this case.

McArdle: Wait a minute. Now, if your cell phone provider just like unilaterally breached your contract and they paid whatever $50 penalty was in the contract for that, would you be like, "Oh, that's OK," because they had this penalty in the contract and they can pay me the penalty? Or they can live up to the contract they signed. Would you be like, "Well, but it's corporate." No! You'd be furious. I would be furious, I would be on my Web site telling the entire world that they were a bunch of lying, cheating deadbeats.

Which tome takes up less space on the head of a pin -- McArdle on Contracts or McArdle on Ethics?

Link via aimai at No More Mister Nice Blog.

Countdown to 2012

I've complied a 64 list of likely G.O.P. hopefuls in 2012. I've tried to stick to realistic possibilities (meaning that almost all of the people listed think they are a national leader, deluded as they may be).

Iowans and New Hampshiredomites should immediately file for a restraining order using this list. Roger Readers may impress their 20 or so fellow readers by being to first to select the Republican Party's nominee from this list.

ALLEN, George
BACHMANN, Michelle
BECK, Glenn
BROWN, Scott
BUSH, George P.
BUSH, John Ellis
CAO, Ahn
CHENEY, Richard B.
CHENEY, Elizabeth
DOBSON, Richard
FIORINA, Carleton S.
GRAHAM, Lindsey
JINDAL, Piyush
KYL, John
McCAIN, John Sidney
PALIN, Sarah
REED, Ralph
ROMNEY, Willard
SHELBY, Richard
STEELE, Michael

It's a deep bench; an embarrassment of embarrassments.

Tale of the Tape

For those who watched This Week with Barbara Walters (or whatever it's called) this morning, here's the skinny:

At least 100 pounds less
No jowls
A full head of hair
98 percent less gray
No liver spots or lips
Sadly, at least 40 million less in the bank
Equally as unqualified to appear on television
But 100 percent more honest

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn. Louis Auchincloss. James Mitchell. J.D. Salinger.

A lot of old people are dying.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Conjugal Vists for You

Deborah Howell cum James Guckert explains journalistic ethics to Andrew Breitbart's "life story" employee/pimp:

I am shocked by the reports of this behavior. I am well aware that following the law is an integral part of being a good investigative journalist. I take that responsibility and accountability very seriously. I certainly hope these reports are untrue.

Following the law, lying and full-body waxing. In that order.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


SLC-GOP Punked:

Salt Lake County Republicans are scrambling to line up a new keynote fundraising speaker after the arrest Tuesday of their scheduled first choice, filmmaker James O'Keefe, on charges of attempting to tamper with the phone system of a U.S. Senator.

"The allegations and arrest today certainly changes our plans," county GOP Chairman Thomas Wright said in a telephone interview with The Tribune . "We'll be announcing a new speaker shortly."

As of Tuesday night, the party's Web site,, still advertised O'Keefe as the guest speaker for the party's Feb. 4 Lincoln Day Dinner. His topic was to be "his national exposé of ACORN's unethical behavior, his changes in Congress and [how he will] inspire our Party's passion for a grassroots comeback."

The fundraising announcement said donations of from $4,000 to $7,500 would entitle contributing groups to have access to elected Republican officials and the guest speaker at a VIP reception. Wright said the web site and other promotions would be altered soon to reflect a change.

"We're disappointed," he said of O'Keefe's arrest on felony charges. "He doesn't necessarily represent the Republican Party."

He's just an aspirational figure for the Party.

O'Keefe's replacement will be the late Roman Grant.

And I thought I was a workaholic

VATICAN CITY – Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation....

That's gotta hurt ... Peggy Noonan.

No Light Weight

If only James "Big Government" O'Keefe had written a letter to the editor under a fake name. Then perhaps his "Big" colleague Patterico would go after him!

Update: I stand corrected. Pattycakes did go after O'Keefe -- to kiss his ass. It's all about how "'they never really intended to tap any phones but were simply trying to show how easy it would be to do so.'”

Note to L.A. criminals: Suck up to Andrew Breitbart somehow before committing your felony. Pattycakes will BELIEEEEVVVEEEEEE in you!

It's Gonna Be Tough In There For A Playskool Pimp

Andy Breitbart's littlest pimp may become the Teabaggers' Mumia Abu-Jamal. Andy's deserting his most nortorious blogger like a john deserting a sinking pimp, while Hugh Hewitt tries to rehabilitate Andy like a motherf___er!. Objection! Leading the witness.

Run away, Andy, run away!

Andy's best defense so far is that Vanilla Iceberg Slim is only accused of attempted "interference with a phone system," and that the affidavit doesn't mention buggery. Maybe he was going to have sex with the telephone jack! Don't stop believin', Andy. Hold on to that feelin.'

Update: Andy will have to accept the Reagan Award on Vanilla Iceberg's behalf.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Law and Order: "Special" Prosecutor's Unit

Is there a bigger dumbfuck drawing breath than "Patterico," the very special prosecutor from the City and County of Los Angeles?

Answer: No.

Pattycakes has his briefs in a bunch because an Obama supporter sent the same letter to numerous editorial pages, using a local city as her address for each missive in order to increase the chance of publication. What does Paranoid Pat take away from this episode of little import?

The conclusion is simple: Ellie Light and Mark Spivey are liars. They pretend to be from multiple places to enhance their credibility. In fact, they are from one location — and they are trying to pretend they are individuals from all over America.

And Pattycakes is even simpler than his incorrect conclusion. The letter writer was pretending to be "from all over America." She was only claiming one residence to each paper, and didn't disclose to the papers that she was sending the letter to other papers. She wasn't pretending to be "individuals" -- plural -- from all over America.

Pattycakes also sniffs that the letter writer was engaged in "'astroturfing," which Patty describes as "phony 'grassroots' activity. The term refers to opinions that seem to be genuine — but, in reality, are directed by a Central Planner." Except that the letter writer was expressing her genuine opinion, and she wasn't directed by anyone. That's the opposite of astroturfing.

It's kind of sad that someone would make up addresses to get a letter printed in multiple newspapers. It's pathetic -- and highly amusing -- that a purported professional would spend so much time obssessing over a meaningless event and demonstrate his utter ignorance about the event at the same time.

(No link to Pattycakes.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself/I'm a Man With a Wealth of Ignorance and Don Johnson's 30-Year-Old Taste in Clothing

Shorter Tommy de Seno: God didn't cause the Haitian earthquake, the Devil did. It's history!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New York Times Stereotypes Self, Readers

Not from The Onion:

Therapists Report Increase in Green Disputes

Gordon Fleming is, by his own account, an environmentally sensitive guy.

He bikes 12 1/2 miles to and from his job at a software company outside Santa Barbara, Calif. He recycles as much as possible and takes reusable bags to the grocery store.

Still, his girlfriend, Shelly Cobb, feels he has not gone far enough.

Ms. Cobb chides him for running the water too long while he shaves or showers. And she finds it “depressing,” she tells him, that he continues to buy a steady stream of items online when her aim is for them to lead a less materialistic life.

Mr. Fleming, who says he became committed to Ms. Cobb “before her high-priestess phase,” describes their conflicts as good-natured — mostly.

But he refuses to go out to eat sushi with her anymore, he said, because he cannot stand to hear her quiz the waiters.

“None of it is sustainable or local,” he said, “and I am not eating cod or rockfish.”

As awareness of environmental concerns has grown, therapists say they are seeing a rise in bickering between couples and family members over the extent to which they should change their lives to save the planet.


Sandy Shulmire, a psychologist who lives in Portland, confesses that when she is visiting her sister in Abita Springs, La., she cannot resist bugging her about not recycling her plastic and cardboard, even though she knows she will be perceived as “bossy.”

Cherl Petso, an editor of an online magazine who lives in Seattle, says trips to visit her parents in Idaho can be “tense at times,” in part because she and her mother interpret each other’s choices as judgmental.

Linda Buzzell, a family and marriage therapist for 30 years who lives in Santa Barbara and is a co-editor of “Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind,” cautions that the repercussions of environmental differences can be especially severe for couples.

....She warns wives and mothers not to move a family toward vegetarianism before everyone is ready.

“Food is such an emotional issue,” she said.

Christienne deTournay Birkhahn, executive director of the EcoMom Alliance, an organization based in Marin County that provides education to women who want to have their families live more sustainably, finds that disputes over how green is green enough often divide along predictable lines by sex.


Her husband, Kurt, an engineer and federal employee, sometimes seems to be baiting her by placing plastic yogurt cups in the garbage or leaving the reusable shopping bags in the car and coming home with disposable bags instead.

If only the article included tips on how to green your second home, and addressed the emotional toll of getting into the best pre-school and Ivy, it would be a New York Times Cliche Classic.

By the way, the article should be titled "Therapists and Others Promoting Their Own 'Green' Services Predictably Report Increase In Green Disputes."

The Future of The Internet

Has anyone read The Daily Choler, Tucker Faye Karlason's visionary new website?

Here's a representative sample, from today's e-dition:

During the past 32 years, I have had the insightful opportunity to work in both public and private sectors in roughly equal portions of time impositions all based inside the Beltway.

My public sector service included counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, career legal positions at Departments of Justice and Education, and political appointments at U.S. EPA and most recently at DoD. In the private sector, I was affiliated with several law firms, a corporate think-tank, and the second-largest U.S. private corporation and a related foundation. Such variety of professional experiences exposed me to myriads of operational and management structures and bureaucracies with disparate arrays of missions, goals, and identifying “success” in job and office.

From an early age, I have been fascinated with our country’s history, particularly surrounding its founding. As I developed my career path, I was inspired to live by and support the principles and beliefs upon which the United States of America was formed out of our Revolution from British colonialism 235 years ago. This inspiration led me to concentrate in public and international affairs in college, pursue a law degree, and then come to Washington, D.C., for government service.

After more than three decades in our nation’s capital, the seat of government birthed with Thomas Jefferson’s ringing cry of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, I can timely reflect how our country’s mission statement formulated in 1776 is implemented today in the complex structure that is contemporary American governance and society.

In consideration of this question, a corollary concern is the appropriate balance of freedom and security in our nation’s governance and society. If our country’s mission is assuring “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” of individuals living in America, does increased security throughout our society impose decreased freedom? A related factor is how “security” in our society is defined. Is there a difference, for instance, of security from terrorism versus security from ill-health? How conscious are our governing bodies of Mr. Jefferson’s historic national goals as they attempt “good government?” And what, in fact, is “good government?”

That's what I call persuasive writing.

Continuing directly:

These issues and concepts will be the core basis of discussion in future posts.

When does this site go to the pay model? I've got my checkbook in hand already.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teabaggers Sucked Dry

Who knew the Teabaggers were such whiny Commie babies?

Well, a lot of people, but the point stands.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love Sarah Palin, Therefore I Infantilize Her

Oly Olafson, G.O.P. Queenmaker, explains why he's allowed to criticize Sharia Plain, and you're not:

But I also get that there are Republicans who like — even love — Sarah Palin who think some of her handlers might not give her the best of advice or think she should or should not do one thing or another. And i’m finding, both from personal experience and the experience of friends, that when those points are brought up, the person raising the point is often inappropriately attacked as a Palin hater.

Sometimes, yeah. But most times, no. I get that there are people who read RedState and comment here who do not like Palin. And I get that there are people here who love her. Put me on that side. But I also get that there are people who have concerns and get really pathetically attacked for voicing those concerns.

Just consider the reaction to this post I wrote about Palin going to the Tea Party Convention. I did not write it intending at all to be critical of Sarah Palin. In fact, I wrote it hoping her handlers might take some notice and reconsider. That Governor Palin has now publicly said the money is going to the fight really ameliorates the situation.

(No link to Thor Thorsen. The rest of it is pathetic name-dropping.)

The back story is that Wally Walrusson slammed Sharia for headlining the $500-a-ticket Teabag Convention without putting his name on the V.I.P. afterparty list. Sven's fellow Palinists accused him of having double plus ungood thoughts about their Glorious Leader, and demanded a show trial. To appease the rabble, Lars has to explain that he has a duty to criticize Palin because he really, really loves her.

Accordingly, it is perfectly acceptable for Bjorn portray Palin as a victim of her "handlers," without acknowledging that someone who needs handlers, presumably selected those handlers, and isn't bright enough to recognize that she's ill-served by her chosen handlers isn't a particularly good candidate for "federal office" or leader of a movement.

I'm sure Erick truly believes that if he was allowed to handle Sarah Palin, her future would be limitless. Based on Erick's own words, I'm even more confident that Erick's "love" of Sarah is the same type of love he would feel for a special needs child whose disability payments he controlled.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Beltway-darling Bible-banger and faux journalist David Brody is strangely silent on Marion Robertson's assertion the thousands dead in Haiti were killed because of a deal with the Devil.

Not a word about Robertson from the man annointed to speak for Christ on Meet the Press and Reliable Sources.

Maybe Brody sold his balls to the Devil to get that anchor gig.

Brody does, however, manage to call Sharia Plain a ho:

What? You think Palin and Rachel Maddow were going to co-hos a show together?

You can't afford her, Brody.

Friday, January 08, 2010

And Here's to You, Mrs Robinson

Going to the candidates' debate:

Mrs Robinson — MP for Strangford, member of the Northern Ireland assembly, alderman of Castlereagh borough council and wife of Northern Ireland's first minister — was a frequent customer of William (Billy) McCambley's butcher's shop in Ballyhackamore, east Belfast. His young son Kirk would help out in the shop, and first got to know her in the late 1990s when he was still at primary school.


But it was not to remain a mother-son relationship; by mid-summer 2008 the couple were having an affair.

It is difficult to overstate the shock Mrs Robinson's admission on Tuesday provoked in Northern Ireland. Both Peter and Iris Robinson are vocal evangelical Christians from a deeply religious and conservative unionist culture.

Mrs Robinson's transgression was the more astonishing given the controversy generated last year when she described homosexuality as an abomination on a par with paedophilia that made her nauseous. As the BBC programme coyly noted, the passage in Leviticus that she quoted contains similar sentiments about adultery.

Hey hey hey.

More here.

Even the mighty TPM flubs sometimes. On today's front page, TPM highlights this link as "Top News" with the link title "CPAC: Palin Pulled Out!"

Link's from 2009, as evidenced by the fact that Palin is quoted as saying that the "duties of governing" kept her from attending CPAC's Wankapalooza. Palin pulls out so often one can't assume what's she's pulling out of.

Roger's Rules of Personality Disorder

Roger el-Simon:

"3. Disagree, but avoid ad hominem attacks."

"No danger of Nancy Pelosi 'jumping the shark.' No self-respecting shark would come within miles of La Pelsoa. No, Madame Speaker is a witch, so she must jump the broom. And jump the broom she did today, winging her way off the reservation with her squadron of flying monkeys by taking nasty swipes at the President for – hold onto your seats – not living up to his campaign promises on health care. (Maybe she can provide some potions from her cauldron to make up for it)."

Homina homina homina!

Shorter Rog-el: I used to be a liberal, but thanks to 9/11, I've lost the ability to understand Latin. My contempt toward women remains unchanged, however.

Big Girl's Blouse has added Mary Rosh as its academic fraud correspondent. Mary's conclusion?

Science and voters both depend on accurate information. Research can’t be checked when organizations University of East Anglia, NASA, the British Met Office, and others are unwilling to share their data or computer programs.

Ms. Rosh is the first transgendered woman to be hired by Andrew Breitbart. As a blogger.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The White Reagan House

This gentleman's problems can likely be explained by his parentage:

Former President Reagan’s grandson is in jail this morning after police arrested him at his parents’ house in Van Nuys, Los Angeles Police Department officials said.

Cameron Reagan, 31, was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, and is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail at Van Nuys Jail, said LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh.

Officers responded to a panic button call on the 4700 block of Allot Avenue about 12:20 a.m. and found Reagan exiting a rear door. He was drinking and “very uncooperative,” Borihanh said. Police did not know who was home at the time or who pushed the panic button.


Reagan has suffered from attention-deficit disorder since childhood, which attorneys in 2001 said caused him to drop out of college and made him unable to hold a job. At one point, according to court documents, Reagan was destitute and living on the streets.

[Updated at 9:20 a.m.: Michael Reagan, who no longer lives in the home, said the alarm goes directly to the police station. “They surround the house with police cars because of who we are,” he told the AP, adding that his son did not understand what was happening and panicked. “There was a lot of misunderstanding at 1 a.m.”].

Given the neglect that Michael suffered at the hands of Ronnie, it wouldn't surprise me if Cameron suffered the same fate. Given what a flaming asshole Michael is, it's no wonder his wife kicked him out of the house.

Little Drudge's third website, Big Girl's Blouse, has finally floated to the surface. This one purports to cover the press, and features such Howard Kurtz-level journos (and I mean that) as "E.V. Bone," Alicia Colon, and a person pretending to be a dog.

The opening post involves Dimbart acknowledging that his other site, Big Gumbmint, makes shit up and that he really doesn't care about accuracy or the truth. It's nice that he set the standard upfront.

The site should be good for a few laughs. but we don't know how many more "Big" sites Dimbart can populate when he's already scrapped the bottom of the sewer with Patterico and Gutfeld. Unless he can lure Mickey Kaus from Slate, there's no lower to go to.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cruise vs. Cruise

Those of you with only seven thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket will find it hard to choose between the National Review Benchwarmers' Cruise (see below) and Commentary's Cruise with the Jews.


John Podhoretz

Elliott Abrams

Bret Stephens

Andrew Roberts
England's leading historian of World War II (!)

Michael Medved

Jennifer Rubin

Norman Podhoretz

Midge Decter

Lest you think I am playing up the Jewish element of the Commentary cruise, read on:

Are Kosher meals available...

Strict (Glatt) Kosher always available:

RSSC cannot prepare Strict kosher meals onboard. It is important to inform the guests that Strict Kosher meals will always be pre-prepared and provided by an outside vendor. The meals are purchased frozen and shipped to the vessel.

If the guest does observe Strict (Glatt) Kosher, please inform the guest that the vessels will always have limited quantities of the following Kosher dishes on inventory.

Kosher meals prepared by Weberman of Miami, FL.


Will there be a shabbat service...

Michael Medved will lead a shabbat service for the Commentary Cruise group.

Michael Medved will also host a retrospective of Mel Gibson films.

But don't worry, this is a Cruise of Ideas!

The First Annual Commentary Conference of Ideas will bring together our guest writers, thinkers, and scholars with opinion leaders like you from across the nation and the world to discuss dramatic and frightening changes inside the United States and around the world since the election of Barack Obama-how to view them, how to reply to them, how to combat them, and what the elections of 2010 and 2012 portend.

The existential threat to Israel; the new administration's accommodationist approach to world politics; the dangers of premature exits from Iraq and Afghanistan; the threats to American freedoms from aggressive new legislation on Capitol Hill; and the worshipful embrace of the current leadership from the cultural doyens of Washington and the art world; these will be just some of the matters we will discuss.

Not to mention a reenactment of Willy Kristol's discovery of Sarah Palin on a similar cruise in 2006.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Go and Sin No More

So when does Brit Hume advise Charles Krauthammer that if he accepts Jesus as his personal Saviour he will walk again?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

55 percent see a duck. 45 percent see a rabbit. Instacracker sees an insolent socialist Negro.

Saddleback Mountin'

Confirmation that the easiest way to shear the flock is to have a really stupid flock:

Rick Warren says 'radical generosity' is behind the $2.4 million in donations netted by the church in just a few days.

The Purpose Driven author issued an "urgent" plea last week to raise $900,000 in just 48 hours so that his California church, Saddleback, could end 2009 debt-free.

To the cheers of the congregation, Warren announced at Saturday night's service that $2.4 million in donations had so far come in via the web and in envelopes dropped off at the megachurch as a result of the appeal. The total does not include mailed donations, he said.

Warren praised the congregation for their spirit of giving, as he read out letters from donors who had given beyond their means.

"This is pretty amazing," said Warren. "That's a record. I don't think any church has gotten a cash offering like that off a letter.

"We're starting the new decade with a surplus.

"It came from thousands of thousands of ordinary people. There was not one big fat cat."

Warren said, then licked his paw and took a dump in a litter box.

By an amazing coincidence, we at the Roger Ailes blog Ministries need to raise $900,000 to end January 2010 debt-free. Give 'til it hurts, and let next month's rent take care of itself.

National Review Cruise

Ship of Z-List Fools

Check out this No-Star Lineup for May 2010's National Review Cruise:

Michael Mukasey
U.S. Attorney General

William McGurn
Wall Street Journal columnist, chief speechwriter for President Bush

Daniel Hannan
Conservative leader of European Parliament

Charles Kesler
Conservative scholar, editor of Claremont Review of Books

Sally Pipes
President and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Bing West
Terrorism and military expert

Kathryn Lopez
National Review Online Editor

Kevin Williamson
National Review Deputy Managing Editor

Kate O' Beirne
National Review Institute President

Cruising with Sally Pipes and William McGurn. Now that's a dream come true. The biggest name is a placeholder brought in to clean up cover up Abu Gonzales' mess.

I suspect the dearth of genetic males from the National Review staff and The Corner on the passenger list is due to recent events involving overseas flights. Not even a free cruise and twenty all-you-can-eat buffets can entice those cowards to enlist as reserves in the War on Terror. The Out to Sea crowd will be hopping mad when they learn they're left with K-Lo and Snagglepuss as candidates for shipboard romance.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Stenography For A Sphincter

It might be a stretch to say that CNN is deliberately pushing the far right agenda in the following article; at a minimum, they're allowing themselves to be played:
(CNN) – A mass e-mail was sent on Tuesday from Carly Fiorina's senatorial campaign, appearing to not only come from the candidate herself, but from her personal BlackBerry.

While most campaigns send e-mails appearing to be written from the candidate, this one took the extra step of adding at the bottom, "Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device." This tag has raised questions about why the campaign, and others which have included similar tags, would take the extra step to tell readers what is highly unlikely: it was sent directly from Fiorina's BlackBerry.


"I doubt anyone believed Carly Fiorina typed out that entire e-mail on her BlackBerry specifically to the recipient and took the time to add in the FEC disclosure box," Erick Erickson, the editor-in-chief of, said. "It's just silly. I think it undermines the credibility of online campaigns for candidates to do stuff like that."

"I think when online outreach tries to be too cute, people stop taking it seriously," Erickson added.
Evidently no one told CNN "Audience Interaction Producer" Eric Kuhn that people stopped taking Yumpin Yiminy seriously when RedState was founded.

More egregiously, Kuhn failed to inform readers that Yumpin has endorsed Fiorina's primary opponent, frothing wingnut Charles DeVore, and therefore has a substantial interest in attacking Fiorina's credibility. Erickson's not just some random asshole spouting off about trivia; he's an asshole who's working with a candidate's rival to defeat that candidate spouting off about trivia. (Sample santorum: "But as we fight our way back to power, I stand with Chuck DeVore because Chuck DeVore stands with me.")

It's not the asshole who's to be faulted for failing to disclose the conflict, he didn't write the article. That we know of. Perhaps it's just that Kuhn is an incompetent. But, at the Alex Castellanos network, that's far from the only explanation.