Thursday, October 14, 2004

Anti-Social Engineering

A hairless hack writes:

I support the idea of experimenting with gay marriage, but surely it's possible to be a non-bigot and be reluctant to immediately tinker with such a venerable social institution (even if modern monogamous marriage is itself a tinkering with the much longer-standing human tradition of polygyny). Once you admit this possibility of non-bigoted reluctance, then Kerry's move looks less like hypocrisy-puncturing and more like a straight appeal to homophobia. As such, it does no credit to Kerry.

A gay marriage experiment? That's mighty white of you, Mick.

How exactly would this experiment work? Let gay men and lesbians marry, but reserve the right to repeal the law in five years if things don't work out to Kaus's satisfaction? Attach recievers to the spouses' ears and have Heritage Foundation-trained behavorial psychologists monitor their behavior? Separate but equal wedding registries at Crate & Barrel, to be integrated with all deliberate speed?

In trying to make Senator Kerry look bad, Kaus reveals his own intolerance.

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