Friday, October 29, 2004

Hollow Weenies

Per Jim Rutenberg, I'm duty bound as a lefty blogger to engage in especially viscious personal attacks on the virtuous, scrupulously honest presstitutes. Accordingly, as a public service, I offer this list of souless ghouls you will see this weekend, vandalizing your community with rhetorical bags of flaming dog-shit.

This is what they look like without their costumes:

Bill Gertz: Sailor Moonie

Mickey Kaus: Kaus Hackula (of course)

Dick Morris: Spanky, the Naughty Little Puppy

Rush Limbaugh: Cletus, the Crack-Whore Yokel

Bill O'Reilly: Sperm-Vibe-Sponge-Pants

Tim Russert: Pumpkinhead (hollow version)

Matt Drudge: Egghead (cracked version)

William Safire: Roy Cohn

John Tierney: William B. Shockley

Jim Rutenberg: Matt Drudge

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