Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sullen Honor

Precisely how dense is Sully? He thinks the blogad on his site for the smearumentary Stolen Honor "funnels a few Sinclair dollars to the blog." He also believes he's running an "ad from Ann Coulter."

In fact, both ads are from NewsMax.com. NewsMax is giving away the Coulter book to idiot subscribers. The situation with the Stolen Honor video is slightly less clear, as the NewsMax site asks purchasers to make out a check to Red, White and Blue Productions, Carlton Sherwood's corporation, but to send the check "care of" NewsMax. Presumably, the two corporations have some sort of profit sharing deal for videos sold through NewsMax, but clearly it doesn't involve Sinclair, which is simply broadcasting the faux-umentary, and doesn't own it.

So who exactly is Sully promoting? Here's "NewsMax pundit Steve Farrell"'s latest column:

Homosexuality is not a natural equivalent alternative. It is, in every way, a perversion -- unnatural and unhealthy. ... The gay marriage issue is not a question of rights vs. discrimination. It is a question of supporting what is not only natural but also most beneficial for society (the natural family) vs. encouraging what is logically a behavioral aberration that should be treated rather than honored.

Sully's never had qualms about taking cash from anti-gay bigots. Now that it appears the Father's Rag is no longer publishing Sully's tepid gruel (maybe he's just on hiatus until November 3!), he's got to earn his crust from other cretins. And Carl Limbacher and his crew are as cretinous as it gets.

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