Monday, October 18, 2004

Speaking of bigots associated with the Moonie Times, anti-semite Tony Blankley will be taking questions on C-SPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow morning:

7:45am - Tony Blankley, Washington Times, Editorial Page Editor
8:30am - Greg Palast, Harper's Magazine, Contributor
9:15am - Elgie Holstein, Kerry-Edwards Campaign, Energy Adviser & Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Director of Global Warming Policy

Remember what Blankley said about George Soros this summer:

Using unmistakably anti-Semitic tropes and metaphors, Blankley appeared on Fox's Hannity & Colmes to call Soros a "robber baron" and "pirate capitalist." "This is a man who blamed the Jews for anti-Semitism," he continued. "This is a man who, when he was plundering the world's currencies, in England in '92, he caused the Southeast Asian financial crisis in '97. He said that he has no moral responsibility for the consequences of his financial actions.... He is a self-admitted atheist; he was a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust." As blogger Josh Marshall pointed out, "You have to hand it to [Blankley], pasting together a rant which manages to weave together accusations of anti-Semitism and most of the key anti-Semitic slurs and motifs." Moreover, Blankley implies that Soros should somehow be blamed for surviving the Holocaust.

Not only a waterboy for a bigot, Blankley is a bigot himself.

Here's more of Blankley's poisonous diatribe.

Want to give Blankley a piece of your mind?

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