Sunday, October 31, 2004

A Programming Note

James Wolcott, blogger and author of the Roger-recommended Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants, will be appearing on C-SPAN2 this afternoon/morning. Wolcott writes:

Sunday at noon eastern time, C-SPAN 2 will be running the 90 minute chat Jay Nordlinger and I had about 2004 political books, hosted by the lovely and gracious Connie Doeble. It was probably best that C-SPAN vetoed my fun suggestion that Mr. Nordlinger and I dress up in Crip and Blood colors, for it made for a more civil exchange of reckless accusations and witty observations, such as my calling Bernard Goldberg "a disgruntled gasbag."

This should cleanse the palete nicely after a bitter breakfast of Pumpkinhead, Wolf and Howie the Putz.

Update: This program aired live last Thursday, so you can watch it here as well.

p.s. Nordlinger looks like Karl Rove's double, sans Rove's double chins. Feed Nordlinger a few cheeseburgers and he can do Uncle Karl's jail time for him.

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