Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Pre-Debate Poll

For the fourth time in three weeks, I won't be liveblogging the debate.

Although I considered it, I had to ask myself, "when such connsumate pros as Katherine Q. Seelye, Bob Novak and VH1's Jessi Klein have blogged the debates, how much can I really add to their collective wisdom." That, and I won't be near a computer.

Instead, here's a pre-debate poll for readers:

In the weeks between now and the November 2 election, who will create the biggest problems for the Republican Party and its presidential candidate? (Originally, the question was "cause embarassment," but who am I kidding?)

A. Nathan Sproul

B. The Sinclair Broadcasting Group

C. Prime Minister Ayad Allawi

D. Spunk Bill Sponge Mitts O'Reilly

Write-in votes are allowed, including, just to select a name entirely at random, William Safire. You can't vote for George Bush, he has to keep his losing streak intact.

Results of this poll are highly scientific, and beyond criticism.

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