Saturday, December 28, 2013

Inbred Peckerwood Empire

Wingnuts having to watch that pile of shit is the best revenge.

Update: Link fixt.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Contest

Mike Allen, PoliticHo:
WE’RE GRATEFUL TO PLAYBOOKERS for being such a loyal, encouraging audience. Seven years ago, there were three of you. Now, there are 100,000 of you. Thank you for the grace for our errors, of omission or commission; for teaching us something fascinating, every single day; and for your passion for the very topics that we’ve devoted our life to illuminating. We’re always anxious to serve you better, and are grateful for your suggestions about content, tone, format – anything. We answer every personal email:
The first Roger Ailes reader to get a personal return e-mail from will win a valuable prize, worth at least $10 USD. All other readers will receive nothing more than the joy of knowing that Mike Allen has wasted his life.  The winning entrant must provide a physical address to which the prize can be sent, or may designate a charity for receipt of the prize.  E-mail replies from Mike Allen predating this announcement and automated replies are ineligible.  Mike Allen and his immediate family, registered and unregistered lobbyists, and employees of Politico, the Chamber of Commerce, Morning Joe and the Hair Club for Men are ineligible. The winning Allen response will be published on this website, along with the recipient's e-mail if needed for context. Your e-mail address and any personal information will not be disclosed, but this website cannot indemnify you in the event of retaliation by Mike Allen.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Giáng Sinh Vui Vẻ

The 2013-2014 King William's College General Knowledge Paper

is available here.

Happy Holidays

"Let's have a great Christmas. Let's have a great year. Let's have the best year of our whole lives. We can, you know... this could be the best one ever."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Man-Child vs. Girly-Boy

I'd have to pick girly-boy by a TKO.  You don't want to get anywhere near Little Richie's pajamas after he's encrusted them with his Sarah-starbursts.

Grand Old Police Blotter: Tennessee Pride Edition

No longer is Glenn Reynolds the most vile Republican in all of Tennessee:
WASHINGTON — A federal judge ordered a program of “high-intensity” home supervision Monday for Ryan Loskarn, who was fired last week as Sen. Lamar Alexander’s chief of staff after being arrested on federal charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.  
Officials believe that between November 2010 and March 2011, Loskarn made several purchases from a website offering child pornography DVDs. Loskarn was also accused of offering child pornography files for download from his home computer.
Court documents say that when law enforcement officials arrived to search his house, one official watched as Loskarn seemed to place an object outside a window. Officials later found a portable hard drive in that location, and a prosecutor said Monday that the drive contains at least 200 videos of child pornography.
The possession charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, while the distribution charge carries a minimum of five years and a maximum of 20.
Loskarn has been held in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service since his arrest.
Alexander, a Republican running for a third term in 2014, removed Loskarn from his Senate office payroll as soon as he learned of the investigation. Loskarn also worked for Alexander when the senator chaired the Senate Republican Conference, a post he stepped down from in 2011.
Loskarn had a track record as a highly regarded congressional aide for more than a decade. — more than once making Roll Call newspaper’s “Fabulous 50 Movers and Shakers” list. He also once worked for Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn.
It is too much to hope that Reynolds would represent Loskarn as counsel in his criminal trial.

According to Roll Call, Loksarn was “one of the Senate GOP’s top strategists and aides.”

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fail, Fail Again

In support of the soon-to-be-pulped The Up Side of Down, the current promotional blurb from the publisher, on
Megan McArdle is a special correspondent for Newsweek/ The Daily Beast. A graduate of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, she has been a finance and economics correspondent for The Economist and a business columnist and blogger for The Atlantic. She lives with her husband, Peter, in Washington, D.C.
Special doesn't even begin to cover it.

And by the time Feb. 11, 2014 gets here, it will be Newsbusters/The Daily Caller.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Universal Prayer

As an unethusiastic and increasingly frequent user of health care services, let me say that everyone should have access to the same health care I have received.  Except for the people I like, who should only have access to the beneficial health care that I have received.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Know Your Conservative Heroes

The non-intern-paying New Republic has more on wingnuts who supported apartheid and attacked Nelson Mandela:
Reagan called the ANC “notorious terrorists,” and, as late as 1988, called apartheid "a tribal policy more than ... a racial policy."

It wasn’t just Reagan. Moral Majority leader Jerry Fallwell called [Desmond] Tutu a “phony” who didn’t speak for South Africans blacks. He even urged Americans to support the Pretoria government. North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms filibustered the sanctions bill. Strom Thurmond and Phil Gramm likewise opposed it. And future vice-president Dick Cheney called Mandela a terrorist, saying in 2000 that he didn’t regret his position. Pat Buchanan called Mandela a “train-bomber.” The Heritage Foundation said America should stop calling for Mandela’s release from prison. Pat Robertson, Grover Norquist, future Tea Party leaders, and current Republican Senators—all were on the books supporting the Apartheid government. When 35 House Republicans broke with the Reagan administration, the National Review called them “uppity,” and Human Events called them a “lynch mob.”
Of course, these attacks are only in the past because Mandela retired from public life -- and some of the wingnuts are no longer alive.

Here's a bonus wingnut hack attacking Mandela more recently.

Breaking News: Must Roger Credit! breaks a story about unpaid interns at liberal publications, and at The New Republic.

Roger Ailes broke the story months ago.

Whoever writes Silly Sully's shitty blog for him pretends Sully didn't know about the practice, despite the fact Sully worked for TNR.

Life and Death

Gawker has a good rundown on what the Right's greatest heroes said about Nelson Mandela in real time.  One example:
Ron Paul: James Kirchick gave a good rundown of Ron Paul's hardline racist newsletters in a 2008 New Republic article, including this tidbit regarding what the newsletters had to say about Nelson Mandela: "South Africa's transition to multiracial democracy was portrayed as a 'destruction of civilization' that was 'the most tragic [to] ever occur on that continent, at least below the Sahara'; and, in March 1994, a month before Nelson Mandela was elected president, one item warned of an impending 'South African Holocaust.'"
Of course, no one will mourn Ron Paul's death and no one will ever cite a contribution Ron Paul has made to anything anywhere.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Alms For The Poor-Mouths

In the middle of National Review's latest latest beg-a-thon -- tied to Michael Mann's suit against NR and Mark Stain -- the fine print:
Sure, we have insurance, and the insurer is paying the bills. But the insurer doesn’t pay the full fare, and I have to tell you, it is quite a fare. Quite. And now as we enter an intense phase of this case, where the legal hours will rise like the sea levels in Professor Mann’s dreams, that fare will become ... stratospheric.
I’m expecting this will cost a couple hundred grand. And maybe more. Again, this is out of pocket.
It's lovely to imagine the rubes swallowing this shite. If NR's insurance company is paying to defend NR, NR shouldn't be incurring anything, unless they're demanding something special they didn't buy insurance for.

In a previous beg-a-thon, almost one year ago, NR claimed they'd raise over $100,000 in a week. And didn't mention that the insurance company was paying. Either the wingnuts grew some brains on Day 8, or NR got its 200K long, long ago. 

C'mon, suckers, give 'til it hurts.  NR can't defend itself unless Golberg's pantry is filled with Ring-Dings and Rich Lowry's booster seat is upholstered with 24 karat gold.