Monday, November 10, 2003

Reading The Unpatriotic Bush Blog....

Here are some civil, discourse-level raising quotes from the Bush Blog:

"Make no mistake. This election could be as close as 2000. And as Democrats have shown time and time again, they will say and do anything to win."
Yeah, like receiving the most national votes, both popularly and in the electoral college, time and time again.

How about this gem:

"A recent survey has found that that Republicans are more patriotic and content with the direction of the nation."

The Bush Blog dances right up to the line by not stating explicitly that Republicans are more patriotic than Democrats, but then leaps over the line by linking to a Moonie Times article which expressly makes that bogus claim.

In truth, the survey states that almost every American surveyed claimed to be "very patriotic," but that more Pukes than Dems claimed to "completely agree" with the statement "I am very patriotic." (Now, if I told someone I was very patriotic and then someone asked me whether I "completely agreed" with what I said, my response would be, "What are you, a fucking moron? I just told you I am very patriotic, and now you're asking me whether I strongly agree with my own fucking statement?") But claiming to be patriotic is not the same as being patriotic. I'm sure those Pukes would have "completely agreed" that they "very attractive" too.

Also note that the percentage of Dems who "strongly agree" that they are "very patriotic" has remained stable, while the number of Pukes claiming to be patriotic has risen 8 percent since 1999. I guess those fair-weather Americans only feel patriotic when their boy is in office.

By the way, what does this salute remind you of?

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