Sunday, November 30, 2003

In The Line of Fire

On Meet the Press, Mike Allen recounted how Air Force One was fully stocked with bulletproof jackets. I'm guessing that's why Trembly-Weepy was wearing that dorky warm-up jacket, to hide the body armor he was wearing.

It's not surprising he wanted to keep it hidden.

Henrietta Township - A couple helped raise $1,500 to buy the military's best bulletproof vest to send their soldier son in Iraq because the government has not been able to get the vests to all troops.

Charles and Marilyn Zvosechz didn't want their 32-year-old son to wait. Army Sgt. David Zvosechz is stationed at the Baghdad Airport....

Nearly one-quarter of the 130,000 American troops in Iraq had not been issued the newest body armor as of last month. Delays in funding, production and shipping mean the last of the needed 30,000 sets of body armor won't be delivered to Iraq until December - more than eight months after the war began.
Shouldn't the priority go to those whose tour of duty isn't under two hours?

(Link via BuzzFlash.)

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