Monday, November 17, 2003

You know, manly in that hide the drugs from your wife, blackmailed by your supplier while begging for more pills kind of way

Bill Bennett, gambling addict and friend of Clarence Thomas, pornography addict, sings the praises of his buddy, Rush Limbaugh, the plain old addict addict.

And yet Mr. Bennett said that Mr. Limbaugh deserved to be judged less severely than former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat and perennial Limbaugh target, who was impeached in 1999 over his deceptions regarding an affair with a White House intern. "He's not president of the United States," Mr. Bennett said of Mr. Limbaugh. "He's not blaming his accusers. He's not lying. He's not lying under oath."

"He was manly," Mr. Bennett added of Mr. Limbaugh. "He was straightforward."

That's very butch of you, Bill.

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