Saturday, November 15, 2003

Fomenting Stupidity In Washington D.C. and Tennessee

Mark Kleiman selects a new low from the Dimwitted Duo of Instacracker and his trusty sidekick, the Boy Sully. The low in question is a Reynolds-endorsed Sully attack on General Wesley Clark, and Kleiman is right that 'Cracker insinuates General Clark is anti- (or un-) American.

But there are so many lows to choose from where the 'Cracker/Sully team are concerned. Here's a good one.

The 'Cracker links:

"ANDREW SULLIVAN WRITES that the BBC is fomenting chaos in London."

Actually, Sully claims more ambitiously that the BBC is "FOMENTING CHAOS IN BRITAIN" and trying the "bring the country to a standstill." And he says, "And the BBC has whipped up anti-Americanism to fever pitch."

The proof? Sully's usual source, an anonymous e-mail. The e-mailer's proof:

It's really bad here. Yesterday Radio 4 PM Programme they had [sic] an American 'expert' commenting on the American failures in Iraq. Of course it was some guy from the Clinton administration. Channel 4 had Americans who hate Bush and showed them preparing for their protest. Will Michael More [sic] be joining them? It wouldn't surprise me.

Pretty scary stuff, eh? Anti-American hysteria has been whipped up to a fever pitch by an interview with a former Clinton administration official and a report about some protestors. That's, at most, 6 minutes of programming in the BBC's around the clock programming on multiple television and radio channels. Either the BBC has become incredibly effective in creating mass hysteria, or all of its listeners as are thick as Sully.

But wait, you say. Where's the proof of chaos and hysteria? Where's the proof that the BBC fomented/created/whipped up the hysteria? Well, that's the beauty part. In 'Cracker/Sully land, if you really, really wish for something -- and you receive a subliterate e-mail from someone on the subject -- it becomes true.

Update (11/16): Commentor Nick Sweeney points out that Channel 4, home of Celebrity Wife Swap and How Clean Is Your House?, isn't part of the BBC. Which means that the Beeb is fomenting chaos and whipping up anti-American hysteria by running a single interview with an American official. Very impressive.

p.s. Perhaps Channel Four can feature Sully's integrity on Scrapheap Challenge.

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