Sunday, November 30, 2003

No Facts Lives Up To His Name

Bob "The Traitors' Toilet" Novak not only buries the lede, he omits it all together:

WASHINGTON -- Chairman Orrin Hatch angered fellow Republicans last week by opening Senate Judiciary Committee Republican e-mails to investigators probing leaks of Democratic e-mails.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist ordered full cooperation in the investigation of how Republicans obtained the committee's Democratic e-mails, which detailed the strategy for blocking President Bush's judicial nominations. Hatch responded with his order to open GOP e-mails to investigators. The Republican chairman also put one staffer on administrative leave.

The investigation was triggered by Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, the assistant Democratic floor leader who received some of the more important leaked e-mails. Rank-and-file Republican senators grumble that Frist and Hatch have permitted Durbin to obscure the substance of the e-mails, which showed left-wing special interest groups behind the filibusters preventing judicial confirmations.

A GOP staffer placed on administrative leave, but why, Bob? Don't ask No Facts.

(Also don't ask him the name of the staffer, or the names of the Republican senators who are bitching. In fact, don't ask him anything newsworthy.)

For those interested in the facts, click here.

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