Saturday, November 08, 2003

Reading The Bush Blog....

Look who's made the Bush Blog: Gregg Easterbrook. Gregg's proudest moment, no doubt.

But here's one I'm more interested in. The blog hypes an op-ed from one Joe Repya, identified as an Army Reservist who just visited Iraq. Repya says:

The fact of the matter is that progress is being made in Iraq. I saw it when I visited Iraq in September. Hospitals, universities, schools, businesses and uncensored newspapers are open and available to the people of Iraq.

Holste refuses to acknowledge growing support from the international community. I saw military personnel from 10 nations while in Iraq. The United Nations Security Council two weeks ago voted unanimously to help coalition nations bring security and freedom to Iraq. [blah, blah, blah]

Who is Repya? Well, he served in Desert Storm. He's got enough influence in the Republican Party to score a photo with Bush the Elder. He's also a Colemanite thug who claimed in 2002 that "We have soldiers and sailors and airmen whose families are on foot [sic] stamps today because of the actions of Sen. Wellstone[.]" And he claims to be a military analyst for Fox News.

Repya's also something of an amateur historian:

"It took years after World War II to end fighting in Europe and on the islands controlled by Japan."

Well, he's certainly qualified to work for Faux, if nothing else.

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