Friday, November 21, 2003

Grand Old Police Blotter: Dirty Linnen Edition

The great and good has exposed us to a Republican attorney who stands accused of public indecency, assault, felony kidnapping and gross sexual imposition. Authorities say that Stephen P. Linnen briefed the Ohio Speaker of the House, Republican Larry Householder, in camera during the day, and worked with camera, sans briefs, at night.

THE SO-CALLED �naked photographer� has struck 39 times � including confrontations with three women Wednesday � often wearing only a baseball cap, police said.

According to police, Stephen P. Linnen, 32, allegedly approached two women Wednesday and was arrested when police spotted him nude in an alley behind a supermarket near where one victim reported being confronted. Police found a camera, stocking cap and sunglasses stashed by a nearby garbage bin.

Linnen, 32, deputy counsel for Republican House Speaker Larry Householder, was charged with public indecency and assault, and posted bond.

He was rearrested Thursday on felony kidnapping and gross sexual imposition charges after a search of his apartment, where authorities found incriminating photographs, police Lt. Jeff Spence said.

Was Flash Moron wearing an Indians cap, or does he support the Columbus Clippers?

Linnen has not been convicted of anything, but would be well advised to offer free legal aid to his fellow convicts in the event that he is.

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