Monday, November 24, 2003

I don't know how glad he was about it, but James Wolcott had to suffer sharing airtime with a fool on Reliable Sources this past Sunday. Here's the brilliant thought of Wolcott's co-panelist, the Original Son of Sam:

KURTZ: Jonah Goldberg, is Michael Jackson being convicted by the media?

JONAH GOLDBERG, "NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE": I think somewhat, yes. I mean, I think...

KURTZ: And you're not troubled by this?

GOLDBERG: Not terribly, because I actually think he's guilty. But -- and I think James raises a very good point about how this is a continuation of a story. In many ways, I liken it to the O.J. Simpson case.

In many ways, I liken Jonah Goldberg to a used condom. Very profound, JoJo.

Despite Jonah's efforts to suck all intelligence out of the program, Wolcott got off a great line: " Also, I have to say that my favorite new TV personality is Michael's personal magician, Majestic Magnificent. I mean, you would think calling yourself Majestic would be enough. But no, he's majestic and magnificent."

And James Wolcott really nailed Rush to the mast with this comment:

And apparently over a number of years it adds up to $300,000 or $400,000, which he said was for gratuities and travel and paying off the contractors. I mean, you know, it sounds like he's throwing out thousand-dollar tips to the bellhop. That's a very interesting development, and that blows up the -- you know, the mode of Rush's personal saga, that it's all about him beating drugs. Now we know.
We can assume James won't be called as a character witness during the sentencing phase of Rush's money laundering trial.

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