Monday, November 10, 2003

Lies And The Lying Putzes Who Repeat Them Unquestioningly

Howie the Putz Kurtz continues to carry water for Ronald Reagan and the RNC.

Howard Kurtz: The problem with "The Reagans" has nothing to do with a conservative or liberal media (except to the extent that conservative commentators helped lead the charge against the movie). The problem is that CBS chose to do a documentary-style movie about an ailing president and a first lady struggling to care for him, and then--made stuff up! If CBS had done a hard-hitting movie on the Gipper, with Iran-contra and all the rest, and stuck to the facts, it would have been able to defend its product. But with even the president of CBS says the movie was biased, you've got a problem.

Howie doesn't identify a single "made-up stuff" in the film. And the only "lie" identified in the RNC talking points is Reagan's assertion that AIDS was a divine punishment. However, as Bob Somerby incomparably points out in today's Daily Howler, Reagan did make that claim, albeit in different language than that in the film script. Of course, Howie knows this, but it's not in his script.

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