Thursday, November 06, 2003

The Lies of The Bush Administration and Sue Schmidt, and The Harm They Caused

"It hurt in a way that people would make up stories that they had no truth about. Only I would have been able to know that, because the other four people in my vehicle aren't here to tell that story. So I would have been the only one - able to say, yeah, I went down shooting. But I didn't. I did not."

� On whether she was bothered about how her rescue was portrayed by the military: "It does that they used me as a way to symbolize all this stuff. Yeah, it's wrong. I don't know why they filmed it, or why they say the things they, you know. All I know was that I was in that hospital hurting. I needed help. I wanted out of there. It didn't matter to me if they would have came in shirts and blank guns, it wouldn't have mattered to me, I wanted out of there."

Why does Private Lynch hate America?

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