Friday, November 21, 2003

It's OxyClear To Me Now

Like many folks, I was scratching my head when Rush "Chunky Junkie" Limbaugh said the following while revealing his drug addiction:

"I can no longer try to live my life by making other people happy."

But now, after reading this article, it's all so clear.

Rush wanted to withdraw $10,000 a pop but he agreed to withdraw just under 10k because the bank wanted him to.

Rush wanted to pay his contractors with a check, but they all demanded he pay in cash so he not only complied but also lugged the loot down to Florida to boot.

Rush was so generous to others he had to withdraw nearly 10k 30 or 40 times just to cover "gratuities."

Of course, I can't still figure out how wanting please others caused Limpballs to use drugs. Maybe someone wanted him to become an addict, and he just couldn't say "no."

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