Friday, November 21, 2003

Pub Crawlers

Not only does Bush bring five chefs with him to replace Buckingham Palace's fare, he then goes down to the pub for a photo op with a plate of greasy chips and mashed veg.

As Bush digested his fish, chips and mushy peas and the presidential entourage swept out of town toward the airport, the pub's landlady Mishy Rayner reflected on the visit from the world's most powerful man.

"He seemed thrilled to be here," she said as the pub prepared to open its doors to the public again. "He was lovely and mixed with everybody. He looked really well and is very good looking in real life."

"They were very appreciative and seemed to enjoy it," she added as staff arranged daffodils and irises in vases on the dark wooden tables in the low-ceilinged, traditional pub.
He mixed with everybody, even though the public wasn't let in. How sociable.

Too bad he didn't just stop by the Old Vic and have a few pints with Peggy Mitchell and Dirty Den. It would've been more authentic.

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