Saturday, November 01, 2003

Kitty Parker-Stalin

Buzzflash, Counterspin Central and Atrios have already commented on this, but it's certainly worth piling on. The persistent vegetative conservative, Kitty Parker, has accepted the torch from old Joe Stalin. Earlier today, her column read:

Miller is not alone, though some are more sanguine when it comes to evaluating the roster of contenders. Here's a note I got recently from a friend and former Delta Force member, who has been observing American politics from the trenches: "These bastards like Clark and Kerry and that incipient ass, Dean, and Gephardt and Kucinich and that absolute mental midget Sharpton, race baiter, should all be lined up and shot."

Nailed for endorsing the assassanation of nine Americans, Kitty P. changed "shot" to slapped."

There's only one word for Parker's conduct: Stalinesque.

Those who wish to see Parker slapped -- rhetorically, although Kitty would say it's okay to slap her literally -- for endorsing such vile rhetoric, can contact at Parker's home paper, the Orlando Sentinel.

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