Sunday, November 06, 2005

Will Direct For Food is deploying the begging bowl once again.

Consider this fundraising appeal from unemployed Yale/Stanford grad turned unemployed Hollywood filmmaker Jason Apuzzo.

For conservatives, Hollywood can sometimes be a lonely place.

Attend a party, share a dinner, or take a meeting in this town with the average industry professional, and the most innocuous conversations will suddenly veer toward the ways in which George W. Bush resembles Adolph [sic] Hitler. Raise an eyebrow at this, and you'll quickly get labeled 'intolerant.'

At the same time, ask most inside-the-Beltway conservatives to name three conservatives in Hollywood, and their list (and interest) will usually stall somewhere after Mel Gibson and Tom Selleck. "Hollywood has conservatives?" they'll ask. "They must be the gaffers."

I would have said fluffers. But what does this have to do with Townhall?

Townhall regularly covers these entertainment topics ["Commander in Chief" and "24"] and others like it. When we recently held the 2nd Liberty Film Festival here in Hollywood, Townhall sent out their [sic] Associate Editor Ryan Zempel and devoted four articles to festival coverage - the only conservative publication to do so. This kind of proactive coverage keeps Townhall's readers ahead of the game, providing information that isn't always available elsewhere.

If you care about the culture, and care about conservatives having a voice within the culture, then please make an effort to support Townhall in their [sic]current fundraising effort. My own columns on Townhall are only made possible because Townhall appreciates the importance movies, TV and the arts play in our national dialogue.

That, and because you give them away for free.

Geez, you'd think that that free market thing conservatives are always banging on about would provide a solution to the problem. Instead Clownhall is forced to send Apuzzo out to panhandle for spare change. I say that if you really care about conservatives having a voice in the culture, send your money to me instead. That won't change anything, but neither will sending your money to Clownhall. And Apuzzo might have to get a real job.

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