Sunday, November 27, 2005

The War On Christmas: Oy, Tannenbaum Edition

As we all know, an upside down cross is the symbol of Satan.*

Accordingly, my work to destroy Christmas has taken another great leap forward.

Meanwhile, Matthew Staver, president of one of the last fundamentalist outrage groups not exposed as a front for laundering money for Jack Abramoff, offers the following analogy:

Christmas Tree is to holiday tree as menorah is to _____________.

Answer here.

But Staver's not merely a moron, he's a litigious moron who threatened to sue the City of Boston if they called a tree a "holiday tree." Only Staver can name a tree.

We await Mr. Staver's suits against Congress and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. The proceedings will resemble Miracle on 34th Street, except that Staver, acting as his own attorney, will lose the case and be committed because of his manical tendencies.

*Warning: link plays cheesy electronic music; do not click on it unless you're Peggy Noonan.

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