Sunday, November 27, 2005

Osama's Pajamas

Osama's Pajamas takes a bold and brave stand: It will only link to bigots and racists who meet with its approval.

Very principled.

LGF Watch identifies the color of those pajamas.

Meanwhile, Osama's Pajamas demonstrates that its style is as impressive as its substance: "it's a fasicinating [sic] perv; but a technorati search for the band's name reveals a truly disturbing number of blogs singing the bands [sic] praises--extremely off key."

And this paragraph is incomprehensible:

Quoting a firewalled article in the New York Post, Gawker muses that this will be "a test for new Time Inc. EIC John Huey." And a test for mainstream and online media in general. There's plenty of hate speech to be found across the wild and wooly blogosphere, which is a publishing medium [sic], not a publication; but mainstream media needs to answer to a different set of rules, and here's why, according to the Global Ethics Institute's Ethics Newsline, in a soothsaying story from 2000 called "Can Journalism Ethics Survive the Time-Warner Merger?": "In this age, information is understood to be power. That's new. Prior ages thought power lay in land, or armies, or political ascendancy. They didn't see that those things produced power because they created the means to obtain and control information. Today we understand that raw fact: Information and power are one."

Well, that explains it.

This combination of delusional thinking and ineptitude can't be maintained indefinitely. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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