Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not All Of The Victories Are Electoral

The Chalabi Times era draws to a close:

The end of The New York Times' five-week standoff with reporter Judith Miller appears to be near. As of Nov. 8, the two sides were closing in on a severance agreement, according to sources familiar with the negotiation.

Miller's desperate bid for sympathy by claiming that Keller accused her of sleeping with Scooter won't work. That's about the only fuck-up Keller isn't guilty of.

Miller's right about one thing, though, the stain on the Times won't be removed by removing Miller alone.

"Every story I did was approved by an editor," Ms. Miller said, over coffee on the terrace outside of Black Cat Books in Sag Harbor on Nov. 5. Her black cockapoo, Hamlet, scampered under the table, sunshine glinting on his rhinestone collar. An orange sweater was draped over her shoulders, and she wore her preferred oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses. She had a Treo holstered at her right hip, and a dime-sized compass clipped to her watchband.
Must've been a moral compass.

Good thing she's got that Depends Media debacle to fall back on.

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