Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fuck all this. None of you are worth living with. You can all kiss my ass.

That's the message found on Joel Hinrichs' computer after he blew himself up one beautiful Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma. Not exactly "Allahu Akbar," now is it, children?

Among other highlights of the FBI's investigation:

According to the FBI, OU student Lawrence R. Kincheloe III told agents Hinrichs liked explosives, frequently experimented with building and detonating explosive devices and once showed off a detonator.

Kincheloe and Hinrichs were members of the Triangle Fraternity, an organization of engineers, architects and scientists

"Kincheloe told the agents that Hinrichs would drive out to remote areas to try to detonate bombs, but that he never accompanied Hinrichs," the FBI reported. "Kincheloe stated Hinrichs did show him the remains of some ... devices he detonated, which Kincheloe described as pieces of plastic soda bottles."

Not exactly the acts of a wily sleeper Jihadoislamofascist, eh?

But ... but ... but ... he was carrying a crescent wrench when he blew himself up! Don't you see? A crescent wrench! You blind, ignorant fools!

The real victim in all this is Hinrichs' roomate, who was made Exhibit A in the wingnut bloggers' guilt-by-association case of Hinrichs-as-Jihadi:

OU student Fazal Cheema told agents that Hinrichs had responded to his Internet advertisement for a roommate, and said the two didn't socialize.

Cheema said Hinrichs was quiet and kept to himself and that he wasn't aware of Hinrichs' interest in bombs.

I wouldn't hold your breach waiting for an apology or a retraction from the online haters brigade, Mr. Cheema. Don't hold it against the sane.

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