Sunday, November 20, 2005

Smarter Republicans, Please

It must be hard when your best defense is that you're a moron and that defense proves you're also a liar:

Several Republicans who were on the House floor said afterward that Ms. Schmidt did not appear to know she was referring to a much-decorated veteran.

"The poor lady didn't know Jack Murtha was a Marine - she really just ran into a hornet's nest," said Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia.

Representative David Dreier of California said, "Very clearly, she did not know that Jack Murtha was a Marine."

The only problem is that Schmidt did know Murtha was a Marine, as evidenced by her statement comparing "cowards" to "Marines." If she didn't know Murtha was a Marine, why would she make the comparison?

Tbe article also suggests that her Republican constitutents don't think she's nutty enough. Ohio must be a fun place to live.

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