Thursday, November 10, 2005


Bigot/crank John Derbyshire, of the Long Island Derbyshires, posts the following:

I brought this up at the dinner table. Now, my wife sells jewelry over the counter at a large department store whose name is an anagram of "Tord and Laylor." She: "Huh! You don't know the half of it! I see the same people mooching around the store day after day. Not street people, well-dressed, middle-aged people. They spend hours in the store, just looking at stuff. Once in a while they buy something, though as often as not they return it a couple of days later. If you want to see people with no life, work in a department store."

One might wonder why Derbyshire would want the world to know his wife holds her employer's customers in contempt, especially after identifying said employer by name. I guess the employer's reputation for exceptionally friendly service is subject to certain exceptions.

If you must patronize "Tord & Laylor," don't let this woman patronize you.

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