Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Death of Legal Reasoning

The Washington Post finds an attorney who thinks Woody Deadpecker's testimony helps Scooter:

"I think it's a considerable boost to the defendant's case," said John Moustakas, a former federal prosecutor who has no role in the case. "It casts doubt about whether Fitzgerald knew everything as he charged someone with very serious offenses."
Except that has nothing to do with whether Libby lied under oath.

Other legal experts agreed.

At least they weren't stupid enough to allow the Post to use their names.

Or quote them.

Or mention them ever again.

Moustakas said Woodward also has considerable credibility because he has been granted "unprecedented access" to the inner workings of the Bush White House. "When Woodward says this information was disclosed to me in a nonchalant and casual way -- not as if it was classified -- it helps corroborate Libby's account about himself and about the administration," Moustakas said.
Does this guy know anything about the case? Woody doesn't claim Scooter is his source, so it doesn't matter whether Woody's leaker had bulging veins in his forehead or was meditating when he blabbed to Woody. That testimony's about as helpful to Irv Gotti as it is to Irv Libby.

John Moustakas must be Victoria Toensing's drag king name.

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