Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sentences Best Left Unfinished

From (of course):

"Following in the tradition of John Howard Griffin (Black Like Me) and Barbara Ehrenreich (Nickel and Dimed), Norah Vincent..."

Judd Nelson has already optioned the film rights.

"With her buddies on the bowling league she enjoyed the rough and rewarding embrace of male camaraderie undetectable to an outsider. A stint in a high-octane sales job taught her the gut-wrenching pressures endured by men who would do anything to succeed."

Because women don't sell stuff, or work in high pressure jobs, or bowl.

She frequented sex clubs, dated women hungry for love but bitter about men, and infiltrated all-male communities as hermetically sealed as a men’s therapy group, and even a monastery."
And even the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

"Having gone where no woman (who wasn't an aspiring or actual transsexual) has gone for any significant length of time, let alone eighteen months, Norah Vincent's surprising account is an enthralling reading experience and a revelatory piece of anecdotally based gender analysis that is sure to spark fierce and fascinating conversation."

Could you try to use more adjectivally based pointless and redundant superlatives and modifier based qualifications in that sentence, Ms. and/or Mr. p.r. hack? Could you?

And God knows what actual and/or aspiring transsexuals think about gender doesn't really count.

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