Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Who Said There Are No Second Acts?

Remember Norah Vincent, wingnut L.A. Times columnist and failed blogger? Let me refresh your memory. When last seen, Vincent was engaged in a ludicrous attack on Jim Capozzola of The Rittenhouse Review.

She also was, but no longer is, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, in the heady company of Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp and Cliff May.

Sometime thereafter -- who cares when -- Vincent disappeared from public consciousness.

Vincent has resurfaced in the latest issue of Radar magazine. She has authored an article entitled "My Life As A Man," which is described by the magazine as follows: "Like most women, Norah Vincent wondered what life would be like as a guy. So for 18 months she became one. Scenes from an undercover journey."

The article's not online, fortunately. In it, Vincent apparently dressed as a man to write a book. During that time, she worked selling phone cards and those Entertainment coupon books. And that's about it. The article was more pointless than that MoDo excerpt in the NYT Magazine.

At least Vincent's moved up in the world.

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