Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Steele Pelted Radials

The Moonie Times, making shit up once again:

Of the two newspapers that have most frequently discussed the event, the Sun's reporting has been largely circumspect, typically reporting the incident as a claim made by Republicans. The Washington Times, by contrast, has more freely propagated the most incendiary version of the incident, repeatedly reporting as a given fact that Steele was "pelted" by cookies at the debate.

"This is why we as journalists have such a hard time getting the public to trust us and [getting] people to talk to us," says WTOP investigative reporter Mark Segraves, who last week broadcast a story harshly critical of Times reporter S.A. Miller's articles on the subject.

Miller was at the debate in 2002 but acknowledges he didn't see any Oreos. In neither of his two stories about Steele being "pelted" with Oreos does Miller cite his sources. "I heard it that night," the tells City Paper. "I can’t remember where I heard it. It was repeated by people on the Ehrlich campaign." Miller defends his reporting on the grounds that he has "no reason to doubt that it happened. It fits right in with everything else I know happened that night."

Kudos to Gadi Dechter for chronicling the lies and the lying Republicans -- and Moonies -- who repeat them.

Update (11/23): And kudos to S.A. Miller for disclosing the Moonies' standard for publishing smears: subjective plausibility. Because no one but a right-wing lunatic would think Ehrlich's story is plausible.

S.A. is the new J.F.

(Also, changed the headline.)

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