Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Thor Asses and Dumbasses

From Glenn Beck's World of Haemorrhoids:

Citing a “very solid source” in Chicago, [novelist Brad] Thor says the Obama campaign is looking to make it appear to voters that they have “this thing sewed up and are less than 24 hours to victory,” according to his source.
Meanwhile, team Obama will also urge voters to get out and vote so they can say they were part of the important 2012 election that resulted in a second term for Obama.

While Thor can’t reveal his source, he told TheBlaze multiple times that the source is very reliable.  (What Thor thays fwee timeth ith twue! - RA
Obamaites are claiming their man will win in less than 24 hours and and urging voters to vote Obama. I'm scandalized.

This is a Glenn Beck site, so I'm guessing that the author of this report doesn't realize how fucking stupid he or she is.

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