Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Behind the Red Whores

It took four PoliticHos to pen this exclusive insider account of ... nothing:
Behind the Susan Rice meeting meltdown

In just two quick meetings on Capitol Hill, Susan Rice may have blown up any goodwill she had with the very senators she’ll need for confirmation if she’s ever tapped as the next secretary of state.

Over the past two days, four key Republican senators have emerged from private meetings to blast the United Nations ambassador’s explanation about what happened during and after the deadly attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

It's not clear what Rice said behind closed doors to anger all these senators, but it’s obvious the meetings went badly and this was hardly a nominee-in-waiting charm offensive.
Shorter PoliticHos: "We don't know what the fuck happened, but we'll pretend it was the Ambassador's fault.  And we'll call this inside information."

The Three Douchebagateers (McCain, Graham and Ayotte) said they had more questions before the meeting than after. As far as can be gleaned from the article, the PoliticHos didn't get around to asking the 3Ds what those questions were, whether those questions were actually posed during the meeting, or how those questions were or weren't answered. The PoliticHos did get one anonymous elephant to assert that the 3Ds "were so incensed after their powwow with Rice because they felt she was not being straight or candid with them about Benghazi." The PoliticHos then forgot to ask this anonymous GOP asshole why the 3Ds felt that, and what the factual basis for that feeling was.

It would be fine for PoliticHo to write that the 3Ds came out and bitched after their meeting with the Ambassador, but failed to give any substantive explanation for their bitching.  It would also be fine for PoliticHo to report that the 3Ds refused to explain their complaints or, alternatively, that the PoliticHos were two stupid or cowed or corrupt (or all three) to ask for explanations. 
Either the 3Ds explained themselves, or they did not.  But the article doesn't provide that explanation, or any excuse for the failure to report it.

The only "behind" in this article is the four PoliticHos bending over and taking four up the ass for the GOP.  (And not in a good way.) 


Montag said...

I'm surprised that there wasn't a sidebar interview with Holy Joe about how marginalized he feels by his own decision to leave the Senate and hitch his wagon to the inside-the-Beltway gravy train.

Anonymous said...

In NPR's weekly David Brooks-EJ Dionne segment, Brooks opined that Rice offended Susan Collins, "the most moderate person in the Senate," and that was proof of Rice's offensiveness. Dionne countered that it's easy to be offended when being offended was your strategy going into the meeting. In other words, Republican Kabuki as usual.