Friday, November 09, 2012


Midget Mickey Kaus is still alive, if you call that living. And he is freaking out that his fellow Republican immigrant bashers are going soft on Reconquista in light of the recent election. He's lost Krauthammer and Hannity, and he seems genuinely shocked that such stalwarts would abandon their deepest prejudices just to garner more tax cuts for themselves, and rape babies.

Just last week, the hairless hack was pretending to endorse President Obama because, among other things, "A Republican president, on the other hand, is a constant threat to sell out strike an amnesty deal in order to curry unaccustomed favor with America’s fastest second-fastest growing immigrant group."  Kaus' game of one-dimensional checkers apparently didn't allow for the possibility that an Obama victory on a pro-immigration platform would be seen as a rejection of Romney's severely anti-immigrant conservatism, and that politicians would act accordingly.

Kaus should self-deport now, preferably to a country without internet access.

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Anonymous said...

Oh but thank God he's a liberal.