Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roger's Election Post-Mortem

Although there's still votes to be counted in shitholes in Arizona, I'm posting my recap now and moving on.

Worst election prediction, single

Michael Barone: Romney 315, Obama 223. Sure, there's Dick Morris and Karl Rove. But Bill Clinton was the last person who took Morris seriously and Rove's a known fraud. Barone was once considered a credible political analyst, at least among in the Broder bipartisancest set. No one will ever make that mistake again.

Worst election prediction, overall

Jim Inhofe: Republicans take White House and Senate.  To be fair, the Senator was on crack when he made that prediction.

Bitterest wingnut whine about the election outcome

Mitt Romney pulled it out in the late innings, channeling his inner Gateway Fuckwit with his theory that the ungrateful electorate returned his gifts of forced abortion, war and full employment in Cambodia without even a thank you note.  Enjoy the victory, Willard. It's the last thing you'll ever win.

Most bizarre wingnut theory about the election outcome 

Mind control -- Chip Rogers.  Chipper avoided brainwashing by not having a brain.

Most bizarre wingnut theory about the election outcome, non-conspiratorial

Hurricane Sandy had an effect on the outcome of the Presidential election -- various idiots, including Bill Clinton, if you believe Willard.  EMESSEM darling Chris Christie couldn't convince    anyone to vote for Romney, let alone Obama.  If anything, Sandy cost Obama in the popular vote by reducing turnout in News York and Jersey.

Most pathetic and predictable wingnut theory about the election outcome 

"A true conservative would have won."  -- Various and numerous.

Most humorous wingnut meltdown, election-related

"Have a neighbor who votes for Obama? You could take a crap on their lawn" - Libertarian philosopher Eric Dondero.   

Honorable mention: Deployment of military metaphors by the likes of the Virgin Ben Shapiro.

Most important electoral victory

President Obama's re-election (with a popular vote total greater than Romney, Johnson, Stein, Goode and Barr combined).

Most enjoyable electoral victory  

Marriage equality ballot initiatives.   

Honorable mention:  Elizabeth Warren, California Prop. 36.
(I'm also mildly happy that Rep. Giffords' former seat in Arizona has been snatched from the jaws of teabaggery 10 days after election day.)

Most enjoyable electoral defeat

Allen West, because he really, really doesn't want to go. It's not a life sentence of hard labor, but I'll take it.  

Honorable mentions:  Joe Walsh, Dan Lundgren, Linda McMahon. Also, Bibi Netanyahu.  (Akin and Mourdock disqualified because their opponents aren't much better.)  


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Barone was once considered a credible political analyst, at least among in the Broder bipartisancest set. No one will ever make that mistake again.


I'll take the other side of your bet, Roger.

Montag said...

It was somewhat satisfying to see Bilbray go, as well (although Peters could well turn out to be one of those give-`em-the-store compromisers).

Nevertheless, it's good to see West on the way out, even though his may turn out to be the neverending campaign. I'm still expecting gunfire from him before this is all over....

Redhand said...

Thanks for the link to Gateway Fuckwit.

The artwork is beyond awesome.

Substance McGravitas said...

Ha ha on West. I'll bet his legal team will be undermined by A DEMOCRAT.

Rob Patterson said...

That Barone prediction was heh-indeeded by you know who.

Anonymous said...

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