Sunday, November 04, 2012

Howard Kurtz Sucks Even Harder

Not surprisingly, Howard "The Putz" Kurtz's media malpractice on the Pew study is even worse that Mediaite's misrepresentations.  Howie, the reigning Uncle Ernie of Beltway incest, didn't  read much past Pew's headline before misrepresenting the study:

No mention is made of the narrowness and unrepresentativeness of the study, the flawed definition of negative coverage (which the Putz confuses with bias) or any of the other flaws which are readily apparent if one bothers to read more than a few paragraphs. Kurtz is more interested in the study's bogus praise of his employer, CNN.

At least Mediaite linked to the Pew report, where the truth could be found.  Howie, the conflicted hack, doesn't even both to do so on Unreliable Sources website.

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